Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barnes and Noble And Dead Fish

Mr. Curry loved his Spiderman poster on Father's Day. He's a huge Spidey fan- a comics fan, a Batman fan, but especially Spidey. He hung the poster in our garage. I love it there. I like pulling into the garage and seeing him swinging there in his bright red and blue superhero outfit. 
Those fish? Are dead. We bought three fish. Minnie ( Ever's ) Crystal ( Lola's) and Princess ( M's ) and three fish died. I tried. One night, years ago when Dakota and Ian were the age Lola is now, I stayed up until three am trying to keep an eel alive in a fish tank. He died anyway, and I cried myself to sleep like a little kid. Dakota loved that eel, and I let it die. That's how it feels when you are mom. 
The Etch a Sketch is Lola's drawing of me nursing Ever to sleep while I read my book. I love it so much. And Lola took a self portrait which I found on the camera, with Ever and I behind her. See the star underwear on Ever's stripey butt? Those are from Old Navy, a last minute emergency purchase because about ten minutes after we entered Barnes and Noble, Ever filled her undies with a load of poop so enormous the underwear she had on buckled under the weight and slid, stinky and clumpy, to her ankles. She was wearing, of course, a tiny little skirt that fluffs right above her butt, so after I spent a half hour in the restroom of Barnes and Noble cleaning Ever ( I'm so sorry, whoever changes the tiny little brown bag that is supposed to be for sanitary pads. I had no choice. Her underwear had to go. ) we scooted across the parking lot to buy a package of underwear, and scooted back. Ever then marched up to a perfectly angelic looking baby- barely walking- and said in a stern voice with her arms crossed, ' MOM. THIS BABY HAS MY SHOES. ' --Well yes, dear, those are the same shoes as yours, but they aren't YOUR shoes, are they, because yours are on  your feet. If you think that logic should work, join my club. If you think that's one of the stupidest things anyone has ever said, join Ever's.
The weekend ended with Mr. Curry having a tooth pulled.
He is now spitting blood into a little cup, but I won't take a picture of that and put it on here.
Unless you want me to.

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