Monday, June 17, 2013

LAW First Show In Long Beach- Dakota's Band!

I didn't nap Ever so that she'd sleep the drive to Long Beach.
Which she did.
San Onofre. They finally closed it, but supposedly, it will take a decade to get all the radiation moved from where it is to the containers, and then move the containers to undecided location. It's scary to think of all that movement going on so close to my home.
We arrived early and hung out with my mom, Corinne ( my mom's BFF, my second mom since I was five, her daughter and I met in kindy and became best friends ) her friend, Jake's grandparents, Jake and Nick- the other band members- and of course, Dakota.
The venue was this cool little pizza joint slash bar that's been around for fifty years. We prettied up for our  boy's big night.
The pack.
Ever showing us the way into the show. I could hardly eat I was so excited :)
My mom, Dakota with his bass on board, Mr. Curry with Ever and Jake with his guitar. I love this photo.
Dakota and Jake getting ready, and Ever inspecting the goods.
Mike Watt was playing after LAW.  Mr. Curry is a fan from way ago.
One of Jake's family friends has her tattoo all fancied up, so fun!
My mom sittin with Lola, who is holding her American Girl she named Olive.
The boys in the band.
So the night was awesome.
I was so proud I literally felt like I was going to bust open.
Just to see him pursuing his dreams so determinedly makes MY dreams come true.
Every person I met could only tell me how amazing Dakota is, what a respectful, hard working kid he is, how unusually COOL he is, and I"m like
Yeah. I know :)
OK I didn't say that. But that's how I feel.
He and Jake have been best friends since Dakota was 15 and Jake 14, and now almost 4 years later, they
have done exactly what they said they'd do when they were kids:
move to Long Beach, start a band and live together in an apartment.
The whole night was magic for Mr. Curry and I. We stood the entire time for their show, shaking it and filming and Ever danced, too. I cried a little in the end of it all, just for how full my heart was.
So here's an original song:
( Dakota on left on bass/rapping, Jake singing/guitar, Nick on drums )

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