Monday, June 3, 2013

Gma & Gpa Curry's 40th Anniversary Party

mr. curry left early with Ian to set up at Kristi's house, and the girls and I stayed behind, got ready, and waited for Gma Mary to pick us up

the guests of honor! 40 years of marriage, and the sweetest in laws you could desire. i love them both  and am so happy for them.

Dakota Wolf 18 the big brother. Ever Elizabeth 2 the little sister. My heart--- exploding.
Lola Moon and her Grandma, my mom, Mary Claire. 

Ever and myself trying on Reefy and Jacob's pilot hat, and the beautiful table outside Kristi's home, on her patio
the gang's all here! most of the party goers squeezed into this shot, minus handful.
left to right in top group image going clockwise:
Ian, Mr. Curry, Carl ( Kristi's husband, my brother in law) Gpa Ed, Dakota, Jacob and Reef

my girls
Jacob the doll leading Ever around
the cousins
lola ever jacob and reef

Auntie Kristi talking with cousin Trisha
Dakota talking with Ian and a group of people I used to hang out with in my early twenties
who were friends with Mr. Curry and now friends with the family, including my ex-boyfriend
who used to be best friends with Mr. Curry
yah, that's how life goes

Lola and Ever hiding, Ever playing with cousins Parker and Katlynn, Ian talking to Gma Curry

Me with cousin Anna, me with my mom <3 td="">

Ed and Trenna's picture from the beginning of their marriage- strong resemblance between my Mr. Curry and his Dad, eh!? Lola lounging

the tire swing!

me and my gals

the cousins, ever having a blast, Anna with her baby boy Parker


Mr. Curry climbed up on the roof to rescue the plane, which he threw down, which hit me on the head!!!
Gang of guys: Ian, Mr. Curry and the brothers, John, Ed, Mike

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