Sunday, July 21, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a bath and read!

I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan- books and show, even though we don't have cable anymore and I can't watch it, sob- so I loved this tribute to all the dead characters. 

When we see someone is desperate, it is our moral obligation to help. Especially when it involves food. This is why I always give money to homeless people asking, or food, unless I have none to give. This mother killed herself and shot both her children in the county aid office after being refused food stamps. Now I am not saying that county aid is to fault for this. I am saying that no one should in the United States should be unable to feed their children.

The power of human touch.

Study shows racial prejudice greatly affects outcome of Stand Your Ground.

Study shows changing your gut bacteria affects brain function. Priobiotics are big in my house, as well as a diet of whole foods. Unless it was this weekend, in which case, awkward.

In The Sun, 'Some Thoughts On Mercy'

I thought this piece on Martha Stewart was really interesting.

I was fascinated with this video on fashion week in Tel Aviv.  The beginning bored me but after that,  I was very interested.

This photo essay put a lump in my throat and an overwhelming urge to hug everyone in my heart. Life....

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