Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Grocery Shopping For Health on A Budget Post: Part 2

I took all your advice and that on Facebook as well, and I triumphed!

I managed to get my main grocery budget down to $110 a week. This does not include toiletries or dog food, but MAN! I'm so happy.

I budgeted a week of food at Trader Joe's vs. what I had been doing, Albertson's for basics and Sprout's for my organics, and Trader Joe's was definitely the winner. I still get things at Wal-Mart occasionally because the prices! for certain things like Asian noodles and cereal are so low. 

Here's an idea of what I might buy at Trader Joe's:

organic strawberries
organic grapes
organic spinach in packaging ( i use this in blender with kefir and organic frozen fruits )
organic kale
cheese sticks
two packages of Trader Joe's natural chicken wings ( so cheap, like less than $3 each )
pico de gallo
two bags of snack foods, such as veggie sticks and peanut butter pretzels
bag of mixed nuts with dark chocolate
orange juice
gluten free chocolate chip cookies
gluten free noodles
spaghetti sauce
peanut butter
two bags of frozen mixed veggies

This isn't everything we NEED, but we are usually still in stock with things so I don't have to buy everything we need. For instance, some weeks I don't have to buy more bread, peanut butter, eggs, olive oil, etc. 

As I mentioned, I also buy cereals, black beans, popsicles and other things at Wal-Mart.

The total amount I spend on groceries, including Wal-Mart, is about $110 or at most, $120 a week.

One week of dinners might look like this:

black bean tacos ( avocados, pico, beans, corn tortillas, cheese )

gluten free spaghetti with frozen brocolli

bbq chicken with potato salad and corn on cob Mr. Curry picked up at Vons 

bbq fish with kale in olive oil and quinoa

Fridays everyone usually eats these really cheap frozen pizzas from the grocery store, and I have that or more often a salad or rolled tacos.

Saturday and Sunday are up in the air- it's been so hot that no one has a raving appetite in general anyway, and some nights no one cares about dinner or wants a full 'dinner'. 

Thank you all!

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