Friday, May 9, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

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Dakota's sweet hearted friend, Romy Rome, is a young man who just found out he has Stage 11 Lymphoma, with spread. He had to quit his job and right now is debilitated with constant high fevers, pain and surely a great deal of worry about what is going to happen. He lives with his mom now, who also has had cancer. He is educated about nutrition and wants so badly to be eating whole, organic foods and juicing, which is the FIRST thing I'd have any of my kids do if they were ill. I can't imagine wanting to live so badly and knowing how important nutrition is and not having access. Romy has no car and the closest store is Wal-Mart. Like many in his position, he is doing the best he can. He does have insurance now and recently did a full evaluation and scans and was properly diagnosed.Your donation will go toward his nutrition program, and healing. Even $5 is important because aside from the money, seeing those donation notices brightens a person's heart so much when they are afraid and without resource. Here is his YouCaring page.

On that note, I am looking forward to watching this movie, The Food Cure, a documentary that follows five cancer patients who give up Western medicine and attempt to heal with food.

Now, look at this baby red panda and melt a little.

There was some confusion about this hilarious, spot on letter written to a journalist who wrote about Jennifer Lawrence. It wasn't written by her, but it IS awesome. When I was a little girl growing up in Louisville, I was looking up at the sky one night and I said, "God, please let my behavior always meet the exacting standards of a male blogger who doesn't really understand how to use babble as a noun," !!!!!!!!!!

If you are a mother and an artist of any kind, you will relate to this.

I really enjoyed this narrative by the daughter of Carl Sagan, on mortality and parenthood and beliefs.

I just bought this for Ever for the pool. These things are great for water safety. They don't slip off and are hard/impossible for littles to take off.

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