Wednesday, May 14, 2014


the wind slaps, sighs
lack moisture, lack relent-
bones bleached concrete.

wildfire, eat canyon
hare's ears erect eyes overbright
frozen still amongst their young

coyotes scream and streak
across rock, through
wide red swaths of chemical retardant

mammal beards drip red
flocks of birds wing frantically side to side
crows call in scattered gunshot

across suburbia an unsettling
nests in the houses and condos and carports

ashes fall on children's bikes
news blares each window, each door
the freeway caravans of heat

i stand in sunset, hand over my eyes
watch the birds
news blares from each window, each door

wildfire, across the canyons
something coming to the bubble
something breathes and breaks

flocks of birds wing frantically side to side
my daughter calls, points-

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