Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday is Slick and Gives It Up

(picture by ???)

he asked me dirty laundry
i left him in the rug
curled in scat and semen
and a birthing plug

he was born poor
and he is dying rich
married to madame who purrs:
’that’s right bitch’

his mother was on welfare
his father sold suitcases
from the moment i saw him-
just one of those faces

his beard never grew in full
his testicles were lopsided
constipation ruined our sex
his penis was widely divided

i never saw him cry
he never saw me laugh
we faced each other in half measures-
everything, by half

half loved, half assed, half screwed
half terrified we would never die
and stay this way, every day
half alive

he flunked college basketball
lost a scholarship
became a lightweight wrestler
broke his arm in a half nelson grip

i met him feast or famine
and i starved at his side
growing thin at his whim
he liked the skinny-eyed

after years of nothing
it hit me what it meant
how i hated him and this was good
i wanted punishment

we both did, he his pervert
leather whip
and me with a non entity
in a non relationship

one night he licked
the anus of a mutual friend
and i finally liked myself enough
to get it up and leave him

he inherited a fortune
and bought all the ass he could afford
i let him lick it without regret
i’d rather be poor than be that bored.

-maggie may ethridge
Maggie Madison said...

You are something else with that poem! It was sad, scary, funny and then relieving. How'd you manage all that? Have you ever published your poems as a collection?

Megan said...


Maggie May said...

maggie= i haven't. i'm editing my first collection right now, Pirate Queen. thanks for asking, and reading!

you know, the temptation when you blog a 'life' blog like mine, where i include anything and everything that involves my life, is to highly edit parts of you that might rub anyone the wrong way. (-pun not intended;)
i just won't edit myself away.
i love this poem, in all it's hussy sex brazen glory. humor and sex and especially, especially a winking eye at 'the way we are', the way things can be with us humans- that is essential for me.

San Diego Momma said...

I love the language you use. It's very evocative and honest and raw. Your writing has great style.

Glad to find you --

shrink on the couch said...

Amazing. I say follow your instincts and keep it real. If people can't take raw, that's their problem.

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