Thursday, July 22, 2010

linking the hell out of you

First Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room does a kick-ass review ( with pictures of course ) of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which both Mr. Curry and I read with intense, burning jealousy.

Second The artwork here at The Dishwasher's Tears mesmerizes me. The man is truly talented.

Third I could dream about being like Bleubird: amazingly chic, creative and put together while pregnant, but it would just make me laugh, probably while snorting, in very un-chic clothing with no makeup and my hair in a big cele-bun on my head. Instead, we can marvel at her awesomeness!

Fourth Enter this huge and awesome giveaway on Making It Lovely. I did!

Fifth Someday, I hope to look at at a blog page and realize that one Douchey Bitch is listed in Followers. For then, assimilation will be complete. Until then, I can keep posting links and
making people like this write really funny diatribes against blogs.

Sixth Look here at House 09 for what this amazing mom built her kids. Totally Little House on the Prairie meets Pottery Barn.

Checking in to let you guys know I'm hanging on to all your money in my Paypal to give to Mamapundit, but have not heard back from her yet as to her Paypal addy. She has said on her blog she is ( of course ) completely overwhelmed with grief for her Henry and then love for her new baby, and has a huge backlog of emails. I'll let you know when the money exchanges 'hands'.
Elisabeth said...

Thanks for the wonderful links, Maggie. You have an eye for the exquisite. I visited them all.

The Panic Room said...

Be sure to read Part 2 later today, you might not be so jealous, or AS jealous. Things took a turn. You will get to HP's world, and when you do all the kinks ironed out and I am sure some additions and perfections. Lucky you. Now I am jealous :)

Congrats on the bun. The one in your oven, not on your head :)

justmakingourway said...

"Douchy Bitch" and that whole page - is hilarious.

I am joining in your burning jealousy of the Harry Potter world. Although by the time we get to go, (several years away I imagine) hopefully the lines will be diminished a bit!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Have a great weekend, dear Maggie!

red-handed said...

That's some lovely addition, kiddo.

Lydia said...

You are a most excellent community organizer, philanthropist, and promoter!

I have the worse Word Verification ever: gyqgvqgt

Maggie May said...

i keep going back and reading the blog diatribe and laughing all over again

'blogroll: list of links that no one will ever click on...'

Maggie May said...

Ryan i am looking forward to some good pics of the new Happiest Place on Earth (minus lines) Thanks for the congrats. I wish you lived closer so we could work out a deal to take some preggo photos for me. the ones of your wife and Tessa Tangerine were awesome. back in the day. wow. time flies!

Libertine said...

The links a great. I did especially enjoyed the blogging dictionary. Made me giggle :-)

Drax said...

Kool stuff. Thanks.

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