Monday, July 5, 2010

List of Wonderous Happenings and Close Encounters

"The human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. that death doesn’t just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are changed."

— Mitch Albom

1 We have raised a total of almost 300 dollars for Kate Granju and her family. I sincerely and gratefully thank each and every one of you, for your generosity in a time when money is short for everyone. I am waiting to hear back for her Paypal account, and I will forward the money to her. I love you guys.
2 Brent King, Chelsea King's father, announced last week that his family is moving away to a small town in Illinois, where I believe they lived for a while before moving here. He thanked the community for it's amazing support. He also sent Dakota a letter, ( he had requested my Facebook friendship on his private account, I assume after finding my essays at this blog on his daughter ) at my gentle request, listing the 5 most important things he knows about being a man. I asked a handful of men I respect to do this, and the box holding the letters will be given to Dakota tomorrow. When the creamy white thick envelope holding Brent's words arrived in the mail, I knew I was holding a tangible representation of the greatness in mankind. I will never forget the integrity, love and soul of their family.
3 My favorite Nie in the whole world continues to break my heart and then put it back together again. She is amazing. That word is used lightly, not here- but seriously- look.
4 Our Ever Elizabeth is this exact size, according to my updates. I keep picturing her like this but with white gloved hands and arms, dancing.
today we are pulling bushes and weed wacking and grunting underneath the sun. then possibly Mr. Curry and i will have ze zex, because nothing makes you want your husband like shared manual labor and sweat. or maybe that is just me. but it's always worked that way for us. also, the second trimester is working it's hormonal magic and i'm, as Ron Burgandy says 'skyrockets in flight'. in addition, i'd like to share that i am having bad pains in my abdomen from my endometriosis scar tissues tearing. and guess what? i don't care. because i am having a baby! i am having THE baby- my Ever.

Still Life With Coffee said...

Oh I love the gathering of letters you are giving to your son. I must steal this idea.
And yes... that hormonal rush totally rocks :-)

Jeanne Estridge said...

I believe massage delivered internally eases endometrial pain.

Okay, maybe not, but enjoy yourself anyway. If anyone deserves it, you do.

Maggie May said...


Ms. Moon said...

Mmmmm. Some time ask me about the hormones with my third child. They were quite, well, lovely.
You are such a great mother. What a fine gift for your son.
Pat that pretty little pepper for me.

justmakingourway said...

What a wonderful idea for Dakota. I would also like to borrow that if I may?

I hope ze zex is fabulous, you hormonal thing, you! :)

* said...

I love that quote almost as much as Nie Nie! Beautiful, both!

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