Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome SPONSOR: Hazel Village stuffed toys

I am happy to welcome the newest Flux Capacitor sponsor, Hazel Village
Her adorable stuffed toys have the kind of unique personality that make for lovies that stand the test of time and take on distinct personalities and charms in your child's mind- plus they are made of organics!
And Hazel Village will refund 10% of every stuffie when you mention Flux Capacitor in your order!

Mortimer Mouse

Each stuffie has a sweet story of it's own:

Mortimer Mouse enjoys baking and tending his sourdough starter.

He is 15" tall and is made of gray organic cotton jersey. He is stuffed with washable fiberfill and has a beanbag in his torso, the better to sit up. As you can see, his eyes, nose, and whiskers are hand-stitched with cotton thread. His ears are lined with striped cotton shirting.

Mortimer's cardigan is stretchy knit fabric. It is a delicate shade of red with little white dots knit in. The other animals tell him is really flattering to his gray fur. Like all Hazel Village animal clothes, it is removable so the animals can share and trade.

Mortimer comes packed in a special cotton bag. He also comes with a lavender and mint sachet whose smell reminds him of home. If, in the course of events, he gets drool, cookie dough, etc. on himself he can be hand washed and air dried.

He says he will be happy anywhere, as long as he gets the occasional starchy treat.

As I mentioned to Ms Moon, Owen Fox

Flora Fox (look at her sweet tail!)
ps it's not Flora's fault she looks a little strange, the image was stretched a bit
so view it on Hazel Village to get the right idea :)

Vodka Mom said...


Ms. Moon said...

And Owen Boy's birthday is coming up. Beautiful things here.

Annie said...

Very cute stuffies!

Marion said...

What adorable little animals! My older daughter makes dolls and animals, too. Blessings!

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