Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things people will recommend you blog about

Why don't you put up that really weird 30 Rock clip?

Lots of pictures of me where I tell a story about me?

How awesome of a lover I am? ( Haghamm. Hmmm. Hm. )

Kevin Smith's new reality TV show Secret Stash? 

Why grandparents are the most important members of society?
Pictures of candy? ( ? )


Rebecca said...

You've already blogged about something of great importance. The one where you spoke about how you talk to your kids about bad people and bad touches, etc. . .It gave me such a stronger springboard of discussion with the kids.

Steph(anie) said...

Kevin Smith has a reality show???

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Jeez. I get stuff like this from my family.
It starts with..."I have a great idea for your blog!"

Then I say,"You should start a blog!"

end of conversation.

Have a good one, Maggie!
xo, misha

Magpie said...

could you blog about that chair? i love that chair!

Hyacinth said...

I just had to click on goat shoes...and then I almost fell off my chair :)

Grandparents rock, by the way!

Caroline said...

On a serious note--I agree with clearness--your voice on this issue really helped me keep the conversation going with my children too!

On a funny note--oooh! I have one! I have one! you could blog about the weird meals we moms have to come up with on the fly when nothing is in the fridge and we have 10 minutes to feed a family of six and the microwave is broken! (a scenario at my house quite frequently, I am sad to say! :))

Bethany said...

I am with Magpie... I simply MUST have that chair.

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