Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Secret To Eternal Youth In New York

 "Shot in Fire Island, New York, this film captures the secrets of eternal youth as Maia Helles, a Russian ballet dancer turns 95 but still remains resolutely independent, healthy and as fit as a forty year old. Made by Julia Warr, artist and film maker met Maia on a plane 4 years ago and became utterly convinced by the benefits of her daily exercise routine, which Maia perfected, together with her Mother, over 60 years ago, long before exercise classes were ever invented."

found via Grow Cook Sew
Ms. Moon said...

The only bone I have to pick with this is the phrase "eternal youth." There is NO such thing. But obviously there is certainly strong and beautiful aging.
What am amazing film.

lulumarie said...


I feel like I just meditated for 20 minutes.

Thank you, Maggie Mae. This is exquisite.

Maggie May said...

Ms Moon it was tongue in cheek!
She is awesome. Truly.

Petit fleur said...

How do you find these jewels! She's incredible! I hope I am like her when I am older. I love her place.

Better get going... I don't have long to get there! yikes!

Thanks for posting.

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