Friday, May 4, 2012

like a low humming coming from the West

List What You'd Most Like To Do

In the Order You'd Most Like To Do It

Or Alternately, Whatever Comes To Mind

^ read an amazing novel in bed with really good chocolate cake and freezing cold milk and complete 
  silence with the knowledge that my children and husband are completely happy wherever they are.

^ be clean, shaven, smell wonderful and have highlighted and trimmed hair and a relatively bloat free
   stomach and lay in bed with my husband all day alternating between sex, T.V., novels and eating.
   my husband must be in a stellar mood.

^ call my bank and be shockingly surprised to hear that the balance is thousands of dollars more than
   i expected it to be and all of my bills have been brought current.

^ apply for health insurance and be accepted. find that the rate is reasonable.

^ exercise, shower and find that my body has responded with mutant like powers to one hour of 
   exercise and i have an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

^ discover that because of the vitamins and eating habits we have had in the last decade my entire
   family is completely immune to cancer , heart disease, neurological disease and any other eases 
   that aren't so easy.

^ listen to a cd that i sort of know of but not completely and find that i absolutely love it and continue
   listening to it, uninterrupted, for hours on end until it has become part of my dna.

^ continue nursing ever but overnight find that she does not wake at night anymore to nurse. except
   once. just because.

^ come home and find that my entire house has been cleaned baseboard to ceiling with the most 
   extreme level of obsessive care so that not only are the dog butt stains on the lower part of my
   walls gone, so is the almost invisible BUT NOT quite dots of oil in my kitchen and the tinge
   of discoloration around the toilet base.

^ open my underwear drawer and find piles of beautifully folded underwear and bras that fit perfectly
   without a single sign of anyone ever having a period, ever. 

^ pull on a pair of jeans that look good and don't magically grow two sizes two big one hour after
   being worn.

^ after a nice swim, lie naked in a soft patch of grass on a towel in the sun and get warm goosebumps
   head to toe. preferably my husband is there. preferably he is also naked. and on a towel. and
   getting goosebumps. 

37paddington said...


Middle Child said...

"pull on a pair of jeans that look good and don't magically grow two sizes two big one hour after
being worn."
Why does this happen?
Excellent list couldn't find anything to disagree with there

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie Mae -- I've been lurking for a while and love your writing. You have inspired me to make up my own list. Joanne

Lolexia said...

I love this list. I would like to copy and paste right into the slot labeled,"What I want everyday to look like." It can go ahead and begin tomorrow.

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