Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That Pig Is Radiant!!

** This is my favorite kind of sponsored post- where I get an awesome product, make a little money, and am able to give something to the readers at Flux Capacitor. If you love skin products or think it might be time to stop washing with soap and water and look into something more, shall we say, youth enhancing, then read on **

I'm 37. I love my 30's- despite the enormous pressures and stress of 'it all' (insert your own itall) I have felt more confident, grounded and happy with myself in the last seven years than anytime before. Whatever stresses come my way, and they are plentiful, with love and other drugs I have weathered it fairly well. The thing that shows wear and tear? My skin. I'm a white girl with blue eyes and freckles. Any damage done from sun or stress to skin like mine ends up looking haggard quite quickly. Every shadow and indent on my face stands out against the background of pale Irish skin.  I've worn sunblock pretty religiously since about 15 or 16, and I eat as organic and whole foods as we can on this tiny budget, but I can't erase the exhaustion and late lights/early mornings of the occasional life crisis and  nursing and co-sleeping and raising four kids- I didn't nurse Ian, but raising him along with his Momma and Mr. Curry? Yes.

I think the trifecta of good looking skin ( outside of avoiding stress and exhaustion hahaha! ) is:

+ sunblock
+ healthy, whole foods diet with plenty of good fats
+ great skin care products

To me, great skin care products have to be not only effective but can't be used on animals and needs to be made with natural ingredients. 

Muvazi is all of that.

They also have a 100% 30 Day Money Back  'without asterick' return policy- if you aren't happy with it for any reason, you can return it. No tricks or hidden rules.

I have been using a skin care system from Muvazi for two weeks. This includes the facial wash, face serum ( very important ) , moisturizer and eye cream.  The facial wash is really, really good. It doesn't dry my face out, so after I use it, I do feel that ' super clean and just washed ' feeling but without the ' i just plastic wrapped my face ' feeling alongside it.  After using that with warm water, and Ever standing at my feet saying TOOTSIE NIGHT NIGHT ( which means, I demand you put me to bed and nurse me instead of caring for your skin!!! who cares what your stupid skin looks like, Mom!!! )
I put on the serum. From all the beauty magazines I obsessively read in my twenties, I know that the serum is THE important part of changing your skin. It's got the concentrated powerhouse of ingredients to work overnight so you can see actual changes in your skin.  I then apply the eye cream, and then the moisturizer. Both the eye cream and moisturizer are again a perfect consistency- Muvazi is really good at this. You feel soft and clean but not oily, not over heavy on your face.  The eye cream works on those wrinkles you get from laughing, crying and smiling. I don't need mine to go away entirely ( that's laser work ) but I would like them to not take over their territory entirely as I age. We can compromise.
So after two weeks? I can absolutely see change. My skin- to use a wayyy overused advertising word, but also a word used in one of my favorite books, Charlotte's Web- is radiant after use. I'm assuming that this is dependent on actually using the products every night. It's like vitamins- you can't take them every now and then and then complain they aren't 'helping'. Most things, to have a quantifiable result, demand routine use.  I can see a definite reduction in the signs of late nights and a fussy toddler- the uneven skin and deeper lines are more even and more shallow.  I'm stoked. I don't have time to do much makeup and the situation with my 'wardrobe' is really embarrassing, so having clean hair and good lookin skin is pretty awesome for me.

Here's what Muvazi is offering:

The entire Muvazi kit that I have been using- that is facial wash, skin serum, eye cream and moisturizer-  for over $80.00 OFF the regular retail of $149.95. That is a total price of $69.95 + Free Shipping.   They are also, for the first time, offering a free Comedone Extractor for the first 25 who order. The retail on that is $11.95. It is a blackhead, blemish remover- SO SATISFYING. I love this kind of thing. You can pop out all the clogged up stuff!

***Plug in the words  FluxCapacitor  when ordering to get this price.

It's kind of awesome how blogging provides a way to get sponsors like this for me as well as deals like this for anyone who reads blogs. Like a club with serious discounts. I personally have used the discount code off of numerous other blogs and their sponsored offers over the years including most recently for baby products for Ever. Thanks for reading. xo

Lolexia said...

Awesome! Nothing beats that fresh fasce feeling :)

I'm Katie. said...

Beautiful skin is arguably The Most Important Thing when it comes to beauty. With a glowing complexion and an attitude to match, I think yoga pants and unwashed hair can speak to how cool you are instead of how tired. Thx for sharing!

Caroline said...

This looks amazing! I will definitely file this for when we have it in the budget! Goodness knows i need some serious help with my skin after Oliver was born. That pregnancy did a number on me!

p.s. sorry--I thought I commented yesterday, but I was probably interrupted by the kids mid-sentence!


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