Sunday, July 1, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

I am gobsmacked in love with the grit and intelligence and leadership that this woman has. She went from being homeless and hungry to using that experience to launch herself into creating a way to eat healthy on a teensy tiny budget. This article interviews her and discusses her transformation as well as a new project: putting ready made recipe books into every bag of groceries given out at food banks, teaching how to use to the food they are given, to not give up on eating healthy while poor. One of the best things I"ve found online in a while.

Two of my favorite women writers come together: Lena Dunham writes her memories of the last year and a half of her friendship with Nora Ephron. I was just writing here on this blog a few nights ago about how You've Got Mail was comforting me in the wee hours when I couldn't sleep. Nora Ephron has been an important part of my reading and movie watching life, making me laugh, cry and think while laughing and crying.  

I LOVE this article by Meagan Francis, not only because have more kids and make them clean! could be my slogan, but because I felt a sigh of relief, as I always do, to be reminded that I am not the only mom who makes my kids do so many things that no other child that every walked the earth or had opposable thumbs had to do!!!  

Monica Drake writes simply and beautifully of the death she witnessed with her family in the Oregon river she'd been visiting all her life.

A visual summary of what 'Obamacare' does for you. And for me- someone who with a preexisting condition, wouldn't be able to get health insurance at all without this plan.

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