Sunday, July 22, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!
Standing in Wal-Mart, I read a 'knock em out of the park' review of Lydia's new novel, Shine Shine Shine and cheered out loud, so that Lola said, What, Mommy? I cannot wait to read this, by the description- a novel that has a fantastical premise - man leaves pregnant wife and autistic child to go to Mars, comes back home - but a deeper meaning - when we embrace our strangeness we can find solace in one another - is one of my favorite kinds of novels.

I really thought about the advice Tsh gives in this piece on creating before consuming. It is my habit to do that backward, especially during the day, and now I'm thinking about trying one week where I flip it and see if it makes a difference.

This essay by Amy Monticello absorbed me totally. Her direct rhythms keep you wondering what's happening next? even though it's not a crime thriller, but the story of a young girl, her first tattoo and first love.   Also, I'm totally obsessed with The Nervous Breakdown. Some of the best writing on the net is happening there.

Kristen is in Ethiopia and met the child that her daughter, India, is sponsoring. Incredibly moving.

I came across Leslie McCann's blog and was blown away by the recent findings in autism research, and her thoughts on the information as the mother of an autistic child.

Jeneva Burroughs writes about how the new health care laws affect her family, as the mother of a severely disabled son. Her writing is intelligent, thoughtful and strong while ' a river runs through it '.

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