Monday, July 16, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Facebook  has brought many wonderful things to my attention I might not otherwise have found, and the writing of Emily Rapp is one of them. Although we have just a normal amount in common on the surface- both writers and mothers- something about Emily strikes me as very familiar to my own way of seeing life and human beings. Emily is the first time mother of beautiful Ronan, who is dying of Tay-Sachs. She writes about him with an intensity of love and intelligence that is searing and unforgettable. Her piece Someone To Hold Me is no exception.

Stacey just gets better and better. Her piece My Blue Heaven made me laugh until my eyes watered.

Speaking of Facebook (where I found this) and laughing, Joe Daly's piece The Top Seven Facebook Cries For Help is a glaring sarcastic look at Facebook profile pictures. I hope you don't see yourself! 

If you are not interested at all in Scientology or the reality of it's practice in today's world, skip this. I found this piece on the death of a young Scientologist, written by his grieving mother, fascinating, bizarre, shocking and sad. Alexander Jentzsch died under suspicious circumstances and his mother was not notified for two days. Then she wrote this piece.

Meagan Francis writes about the time she spanked her daughter publicly, and another mom saw her. I completely related to the entire story's heartbeat and loved Meagan's thoughts about judging mothers.

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