Friday, October 11, 2013

October Life

Fall has touched California and San Diego is beautiful this week, with two days of blowsy wind and crisp, darkening leaves twirling and diving all around our porch and onto the grass and walkways around the condo. The air gets watercolor blue layers and the sky goes grey blue and then it rained, for two days. There is a kind of joyous rejuvenation that happens inside of me every time this year that is supposed to occur during the Spring, but happens for me with the onset of rain, wind, sun that curtsys and makes room for burgeoning clouds, overflowing gutters, doors that slam shut on their own, stamped feet at the doorway. 

I have been writing and writing and writing. My novel, Agitate My Heart, is getting closer and closer toward the first finish line, and I am more in love with it every day, after a long period of cold hearted disapproval. I also have assigned writing, paid writing even! however small the payment, such as for Budget Fashionista, and then essay writing, like the piece that went up this week at Joanne Bamberger's website, The Broad Side. If you want to read it, take a look here. I am also working on a short story as well as editing my poetry book, The Pirate Queen.

I love this space here at Flux. I love what this blog has done for me as a person and a mother and a writer, I love what I have been able to do for others, and I will be forever grateful.  Every time I come here it's like coming home.  Even when I'm gone for a while, when I come back, it's just as easy and familiar and precious to me.

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