Saturday, October 26, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

I've been looking around for how to run better because I have aches and pains. I took up running two months ago.

Corbyn Hightower writes about What It's Like To Sell Your Family's Only Car  I started writing about my family's financial troubles after my diagnosis and surgeries and Mr. Curry lost his business, and in all this time, it is still rare to find anyone willing to lay their personal story out there in blogland.

Laura Harrington writes about taking a month long social media break during a vacation, which led her to ask Are We Losing Our Minds?  This is just one of a handful of articles about this subject I've seen recently- a subject we are rapidly growing concerned about. I will say that I do not have a cell phone, much less a smart phone, and this distracted way of existing that can come about is why.

Look out! It's a BOY PARTY

This is my new favorite Ted talk. Stress much? Watch this talk.

A breakthrough for sufferers of fibromyalgia

Naomi Kimbell writes one of the best, most originally voiced essays I've read online in as long as I can remember: The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs On Rumpus. She is unusually good. I know I will be hearing her name again.

What is in a photograph? A photograph of a murderer? Fascinating, on The Frailest Thing

Mark Oppenhemeir writes Forty Thoughts On A Fourth Daughter. Imminently entertaining and sweet ...and I relate!!

"Several times someone has said something like, “Four! Oh my God, that’s insane!” — and then quickly apologized. But I like that reaction. I’m 39 years old now, too old to be special in much. It’s all downhill for my tennis game, for my eyesight, for my memory. Number of children is still something I can win at."

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