Thursday, April 17, 2014

Childhood Drowning

Ever went to the pool with Ed and I for the first time a week ago and I realized that I am somewhat traumatized by what happened last year. I hadn't felt like I was, but now that Ever is going to the pool again I keep getting flashbacks of swimming across the pool toward her, watching for those four seconds of her tiny body struggling under the water. She was underwater for maybe 8 to 10 seconds total. I did NOT HEAR HER FALL IN. It was silent. My MIL was out of the water in a chair next to Ever and screamed. I had my head turned for five seconds.I will never forget seeing her hands and feet working so hard and those were the longest seconds of my life. She was climbing the soul chilling 'invisible ladder' that children who are drowning appear to be doing while trying to surface.
My Uncle David, my mom's brother, drowned when he was 14 in a Mississippi Lake he was supposed to be swimming in.
An online acquaintance's toddler just drowned in their bathtub with his sister when his Dad went to go get their PJ's in the bedroom.

Ever is getting swim lessons started this month where they teach them first how to float and reach the pool side, but this doesn't make her safe, just safer.


Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 3

Nearly 80% of child drownings in the US occur when a parent or guardian becomes distracted. This can be a phone call, a talk with another adult, a book or even another child you are supervising.

A child can can drown in 1-2 minutes underwater. That is one quick exchange with a friend on the phone about where to meet and goodbye.

For every child who drowns, four children are hospitalized for near-drowning.

Stacey Grissom, a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, said that organization advises all caregivers to practice "reach supervision."

"It's not good enough to be on the side reading a book or with a Walkman," she said. "You need to be right there so if something happens you can reach out your arm and you're no farther away than an arm's length from a child. ... You don't want to find out how quickly something can go wrong."

"This is Cobryn Matthew Wright. He drowned at 4 years old, June 3rd 2013 while with his mother at his aunts enjoying his first swim of the year, which also ended up being his last. Cobryn's mom found him at the bottom of the pool, he was revived at the scene but lost him again on the way to the hospital. On June 7th he was announced brain dead, Cobryn's mom, dad & step mom decided to donate Cobryn's organs and on June 9th that's exactly what Cobryn did. Cobryn's 5th birthday was July 14th. He'll forever be 4 years old Cobryn has 2 older sisters 14 & 12 by his mother, & by his dad he has 1 older sister who turned 5 the day after his accident & 1 younger sister who just turned 1 in January & recently found out Cobryn will be a big brother again but for the first time to a little boy who will arrive in a few short months Please share Cobryn's story so another child doesn't lose their life to something that's 100% preventable. We miss you little man"

Corbyn's Facebook Page for Drowning Prevention and Awareness

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