Saturday, April 26, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

Elizabeth is an old blogging friend of mine. Passionately informed, intelligent and with the spiritual honesty and strength of a warrior, she has written over the years of her children and her oldest child, Sophie, the same age as our Dakota. Sophie has a severe seizure disorder. Nothing has ever helped her until now. Cannabis is helping Sophie. In this article, Elizabeth is interviewed and you should hear what she says.

The most interesting article I've read in a long time: It's The End of The World As We Know It…and He Feels Fine

Eliza has a fatal disease. She is four, the symptoms will begin in the next year or two. There is a possible treatment, a possible cure, and they need money. #savingEliza

I read the last half of this crying. The force of love and touch is mighty and absolutely underestimated and under utilized in America, especially when it comes to children. This mother saved her daughter's life unknowingly, by carrying her on her chest as the baby cried and cried. Saving My Baby reminded me of when Ever Elizabeth was hospitalized with RSV, and Ed and I stayed with her through the poking, prodding and testing that apparently we were told, many other parents choose to leave the room for. We were with her night and day those nine days, and every night after the lights dimmed and the nurses left us alone I crawled into Ever's high, tiny hospital bed and lay next to her, my arm crooked around her, my breath on her skin. One night a nurse came in and saw me sleeping next to Ever. Ed looked at her, she at him, and she silently withdrew and shut the door, saying nothing. We violated policy and I would do it again every time.

"Painfully, with the shower drenching my hair and my new four-pound baby in someone else’s arms, I realized this: I would never, ever be able to control the universe." On Statistics 

My Aunt Gold Teeth, a short story in Paris Review

This is awesome: How The World's Most Brilliant People Scheduled Their Days  " Think your mornings are stressful? French author Victor Hugo would be "awakened by daily gunshot," before taking an ice-cold, public bath on his roof. " hahaha!

Two female war correspondents were shot in Afghanistan and one lost her life. 

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