Friday, April 4, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

Mitchell was a little boy in your neighborhood of human beings. He was three when diagnosed with the fatal disease duchenne muscular dystrophy and ten years old when he died at home, with his mother and his father.

Mitchell's dad has a beautiful way of expressing himself that touches the basic truths of what he experiences and feels. He made a video series about his son, and this, 'Nightfall', he reads excerpts from the essay he wrote about the loss of his beloved boy.

I found it profoundly moving and inspiring because he speaks so honestly about the horror of death- not something you hear most people saying, even those right next to it- as well as his belief that the love of others is a meaning itself. In my life, an 'accumulation of tender mercies' has absolutely saved me.

I watched this with tears streaming down my face. I intend to keep these words close.

Mitchell's Journey
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