Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Glamis, Cali: Dunes and Fire

Goodbye !

Mr. Curry takes me

" There was the heat of the sun, the slow climbing to the crests and the gentle going down into the hollows, over and over- and the lively, insistent pressure of his arm about her....they were not really moving at all, that the dune alone whose sharp rim they were now traveling was the same dune they had left behind much earlier... "

We are far away from anyone, anywhere, anything.

" ...each grain of sand sent out a fragment of the polar light shed from above...the ereg with it's
sea of motionless waves lay all about them. "

- Quotes from Paul Bowles novel, The Sheltering Sky
Collin Kelley said...

Great photos and love the quote from The Sheltering Sky...one of my favorite books of all time.

Maggie May said...

thanks Collin- and me too. it is one of my favorite top 10 books ever.

Anonymous said...

Now I have to go read the book! Love the photo's. I want a big one of the fire for my bedroom wall!

steenky bee said...

All those photos are wonderful! They make me miss the warm weather. Also, how's the sand? It gets everywhere doesn't it? Even in places it has no business being.

Maggie May said...

oh the places the sand went! seriously, it was worth it.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Great photos! What a fascinating spot!

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