Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lola & Grandma Go To The Getty

Hi it's Lola. Last week I went to the Getty with my Grandma Mary. The Getty Museum is a museum in Los Angeles that has many paintings and artifacts from a long time ago.
This is the Getty Museum above. I like it because it's made out of marble. Marble is very interesting to look at and it feels smooth like when you put paint on your hands and rub it.
I really like riding the tram, but I thought it was going to be a little roller coaster with a bunch of drops, but it's just a tram.
I was sitting on the smooth tile floor because I was tired. Grandma and I spent five hours walking around the museums.
Grandma took many pictures and she wanted me to walk forward and get a picture of my back.
This is a painting. I think it's a very gorgeous picture. I like the way the man is standing and the way he looks so serious. When I look at paintings I feel happy because I want to be an artist when I grow up. I feel happy and excited to look at all the colors- interesting is the best word to describe it; I feel interested.
I don't get to learn a lot of history in school, it's not a main subject, and The Getty has a lot of history. It's very nice for me to get a look at all of it, because each painting tells a story.
This is Mary and baby Jesus. I think this makes people feel happy and like if you are going through a hard time it makes you feel better because you know baby Jesus might be looking down on you, when you look at the painting. You feel blessed.
This is me purposefully making a funny face just to make Grandma mad. Grandma is amazing, she loves me so much and she is very nice to take me all the way to the Getty. Grandma and I have a lot in common so we don't get bored talking. At the Getty we talked about the paintings and how good the food was we ate, and how I shouldn't touch the paintings or the security guard would get mad at me. I love the Getty and it's fun and I hope I go again.
clearness said...

Lola is just precious and that first photo.....she looks like an angel in the sky~

Lone Star Ma said...

She is gorgeous and fascinating. (History "not a main subject", though- choke, gasp, wheeze.)

Elizabeth said...

and I think you'd make an excellent docent at an art museum!

Petit fleur said...


What great photos and writing. Thanks for sharing your day with us. You are so lucky to have a grandma that loves you so and shares the same passion for art and history.

Please keep writing. Your already and artist!

See Kate run. said...

What a loverly day, and what a lucky Grandma!

Amelia said...

You can't tell that writing runs in the family or anything. I loved this!

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

like mother like daughter... Lola this is a very cool post. and the picture of you in the sky shows what more beauty is there to come!

Sara said...

Lola, you are a great writer! I'm super, super impressed and kind of in awe of you.

Ida Mae said...

Love that first photo!! Great post Lola :)

Ms. Moon said...

Thank you, Lola and Grandmother Mary for taking us with you to the Getty on such a lovely outing.
You are both beautiful. I hope you know that.

Marion said...

What a fun time, Lola! You and your Grandma are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I seriously don't have any words for how wonderful this is!!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Dear Lola,

I have a feeling when you grow up you will become an amazing artist! You seem to think like an artist and express yourself like an artist, which is where we all start! Keep up the wonderful observations and writing. The world is your oyster! :)

Much love,
The Urdaneta Family in Maryland :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

What a great post! I really enjoyed it. Lola is quite the observer.

Maggie, so sorry I haven't been around as much. I plead an increased workload.

You know I love you.


Hannah Stephenson said...

I love the Getty, Lola. It's my most favorite museum EVER. I loved wandering around there when I lived in L.A.

Happy summer to you both!

YES Gallery + Studio said...

Excellent photo essay, Lola! I felt like I was right there with you. Keep it up! xo

Mwa said...

Thank you Lola! I have never been to LA, but now if I finally get to go, I know one museum I want to see already. It looks great.

Shaista said...

Lola, you should totally have touched the paintings! Ok, maybe just one. One little one... I was in an old famous English house-museum a few months ago, and I couldn't help touching the bed of one of the Kings of England. He had so many beds, I was sure he wouldn't have minded. But the security guards did - and the alarm went off!!
Ok, maybe... don't touch the paintings ;)
Loved this post. Nice handbag too :)

Drax said...


ButtonHole said...

Lola: That first picture especially is just breathtaking! I really enjoyed the post also. Sounds like a wonderful day!!

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