Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lola's Lunches: Kid Lunches Bento Style

I wanted to make Lola's lunches easier on the environment this year, having massive guilt attacks every time I unsealed the millionth plastic bag to stuff in pretzels and gummy peanut butter celery. I found these lunch boxes here at goodbyn, and they've been great. Lola loves hers because it's cute and she got to decorate it with the stickers that come with purchase, and I love it because it makes making her lunches more fun AND is better for the Earth. Ever loves them because they are her sisters. Inside: Penguin shaped sandwich, tangelos, chocolate covered pretzels, almonds, carrots and flavored water
Julia said...

We used something like this, too. What I liked about it (for me!) was that it helped to balance out the lunch nutritionally, because I mentally allocated one compartment to carbs, one to protein, one to fruit/veggie, etc.

Laptop Lunches has a newsletter of lunch ideas for their bento boxes. And I did indulge in a cookbook for real bento boxes, which we've enjoyed greatly.

Hyacinth said...

Bento boxes are so cute! I have a friend who does these amazing bento lunches, so freakishly cute they're almost too adorable to eat :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I've been thinking about getting a bento.

Love you, Mags. Hope all is well.


Lone Star Ma said...

Too cute.

Caroline said...

Seriously CUTE!!

I need to do something similar. Packing lunches are new to me and I am completely unorganized about it.

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