Friday, November 4, 2011

This Is Halloween!

I am totally and completely gobsmack in love with this here baby pig.
She's just as cute upside down

Every year in October Lola begins to have some generalized anxiety. Around Halloween it attaches itself to the thing of Halloween: the spooks, haunted houses, bloody faces, things that go boo in the dark. Every year we dutifully take her to her Boogie Bash as school, and every year she trembles and quakes and can't make herself enter the Haunted House. A few days later, Ever year on Hallows Eve, she cries and says she's not doing it. Not trick or treating. Not going! And every year we listen and nod as we help her into her costume, cajole and get stern, love and reassure. And every year she gets better at understanding anxiety as a creature outside of herself. Not who she is or what she thinks, just a thing that happens to her that she has to work with and around. And this year she did the best of all, marching happily and proudly around our extremely busy and decorated blocks, with people around fires in front of home and bright orange and purple lights and spooks and decor. It was awesome. I am so proud of my girl.

Here we are, getting ready to leave. Dakota is seventeen. Seventeen! Sob. Look at my beautiful boy.  I kiss his face just like he was still my baby. (he's still my baby. shhhh)

And with Ian's arrival, we were all together, as it should be. Grandma Mary comes every year and takes photos. Ian was so terribly sweet with his sisters. He held Ever for a few houses, and gave Lola a truly enthusiastic hug. Dakota too. It's the most deeply satisfying feeling I know, to see my children happy together.

The candy! Oh the Princess and the Pig were so happy

( the pig had no candy, sadly. she had nursies that probably tasted like candy, though! )

Even the dogs like candy. Bodie came over to lick some chocolate. Lola, Ever and I headed into bed to watch Dancing With the Stars Halloween style and Mr. Curry finished the recorded football game with our very frustrating Chargers. Yay Halloween!

Catherine said...

I enjoyed your Halloween so much! That is the blessing of having little ones in the house even as your older ones are moving out, as you'll find that they will return for the Halloweens and other holidays that they can enjoy with their younger siblings.

Sad, this year my youngest did not dress up. The older ones all still did when they were that age because of him.

Hannah Stephenson said...

So excellently sweet!

Bee said...

Seeing that pile of candy on the floor so reminds me of my own childhood days. My brother and I couldn't wait to get home and admire (and categorize) the spoils.

Your baby pig is scrumptious. Yesterday I read Charlotte's Web to one of my classes . . . best advertisement for pigs EVER.

Amanda said...

What a bunch of cuties! It looks like you all had a marvelous Halloween. Everpig is adorable as is her Cleopatra big sister.

Steph(anie) said...

Oy, the Chargers. Cutest piglet ever (unintended pun there). Go Lola!!!

Petit fleur said...

I love the princess and the pig! (Sounds like a fairy tale)

The pix are so fun. Everyone seems so, well, familial and loving!

Kudos to Lola for taming her fear and pressing on with a good time! yay!


Evangeline said...

That little piggie is so cute! Good for Lola for facing her fears. We've been dealing with some fears for one of our sons too (restaurants?!). We walk through together one step at a time.

So good to see you and yours looking so well and happy. xo

gojirama said...

What a great Halloween! You have such a beautiful family.

Hyacinth said...

Sounds like a wonderful Halloween :) Lovely that Dakota and Ian were both there and enjoyed Halloween with their sisters :)

Yay for Lola for facing her takes a lot of courage!

Carolina said...

Very sweet! Halloween dress outs is still very new in Sweden, but we're getting there!
Looks like you had lots of fun :D

bron @ baby space said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween. All your children are so adorable! And Lola makes such a gorgeous Cleo :)

Caroline said...

If you don't mind me saying so, Lola reminds me a lot of me when I was little. I was afraid of Halloween too and couldn't handle many "spooky" things--not ever Stephen King books, which my sister loved. I always thought I was a weenie, until someone told me, "No, you just have a sensitive Spirit." And that made sense to me.

She has the perfect parents to listen and encourage her. I am so glad that she had a great Halloween! That is awesome. Confronting what scares us is half the battle.

p.s. I think the piggy costume and the Cleopatra costume are the coolest ever.

Laura Lee said...

Wow! I've been following your blog for nearly 3 years, only didn't have internet for some recent months... your family has grown so BIG! and they are looking very happy these days. Great for you! Enjoy!!

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