Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Band Family

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Listening to Big Band music, my new CD from Target. This is some of the most cheerful, humorous music ever. It makes me tap my toes and smiiile I Love It!

Last night at dinner, we all held hands to pray, which we always do, even though we aren't religious or organized in really any noticeable way ;)
Mr. Curry was finishing placing his napkin down to hold my hand so that Lola Moon of the Moon Clan ( her name is actually Lola Moon, but the rest is our licked and stamped name )
could say the prayer, and apparently he was taking too long, because Lola sighed impatiently and said

' Poppa, you don't make God wait. '

Lola is full of sound bites. She is a one man band of whistle blows, cheeky comebacks, winks, head cocks, retorts and all things humorous, silly and of good timing. She has deadpan timing. She knows instinctively that many things are funnier when you wait a beat before dropping the bomb.

Mr. Curry was helping Dakota Wolf with his homework last week in the living room. Dakota was sheepishly admitting he did not know all the months of the year in order, and Mr. Curry was mercilessly ribbing him about this. Dakota defended himself-

' Plenty of people don't know the months in order! No one ever taught me. I didn't pay attention. ' PAUSE. ' Plenty of people don't know the months! '

Mr. Curry nodded his head back and forth grinning. Dakota turned to walk out of the room, and took two steps when we hear a matter-of-fact little voice pipe up:

' January, February, March April May, June July August, September October November and December, these are the months of the year. '

We all burst out laughing as Lola looked triumphantly on. She had one upped her big brother!!! Now she randomly asks Dakota in a casual voice, ' Hey, can you tell me the months of the year? Cuz I can tell you! '
Texasholly said...

So cute.

We love a big band around here. I especially love it when it is incorporated into more contemporary music. Lyle Lovett and his big band is one of my favorite CDs and the concert was amazing. Squirrel Nut Zippers is also a fav.

steenky bee said...

I absolutely love big band music. I find it most enjoyable to clean my house while listening. Sadly, I haven't hear big band music is such a long time.

Lola said...

She sounds like my kinda girl! Love it, love it.

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