Friday, October 3, 2008

Magpie's Nest

I am very sleepy in this picture. I've been tired for like..... ten years.

It was pointed out to me that I am being featured on Five Star Friday for my blog ' Teenage Mother'- yay!

Check out one of my favorite children's magazines, Magic Cabin. I have ordered so many adorable, fun and natural minded toys from them. Their color schemes are gorgeous, they have an emphasis on fairies that I love :), and the products are all high quality- not to mention the totally brilliant and beautiful illustrations that make up their whole catalouge.

In other news, I keep hearing in my mind the Saturday Night Live skit of the Couric interview with Palin, causing me to randomly snort out loud, which is a well known form of Curry family laughter:

“Forgive me, Mrs. Palin, but it seems to me that when cornered, you become increasingly adorable.”

Wink, Wink. Oh Mrs. Palin. Did you HAVE to wink? Repeatedly? I felt like a preschooler sitting at circle time, being softened up by the teacher. ' Gosh darn Iraq policies, all my little American's know they gotta win that war, now dontcha darlings? ' WINK WINK
Annie said...

Congratulations on Five Star Friday!

Annie said...

Palin = Scary!

On CNN, or on one of the daily political shows, my husband and son saw the Saturday Night Live Sketch shown side-by-side with one of Palin's actual statements in the Katie Couric interview. The words they used in the sketch were not a parody- they were Palin's exact words!

michellewoo said...

But she is gosh darn adorable, dontcha know?

P.S. You're a rockstar.

Talia Reed said...

I love the SNL skits, and I don't think it matters who you plan on voting for. There's plenty of it to spread around on both sides--that's the beauty of American bipartisan butt of jokes.

Your blog entries are fantastic. You should submit them. Especially your mothering-themed ones. There's tons of Mommy-lit out there.

Liz said...

Maggie,congrats on getting into Five Star Friday.

Love the photos too!

And oh gosh, we, in Europe, are creaking in our boots at the thought of that Palin lady being anywhere near presidential power...what a scenario - hilarious, if it weren't so frightening!

steenky bee said...

Oh, sister. You're beautiful in that picture. What I would give to look that way when I woke up!

Also, I DID see the winking thing. I mused outloud that I was pretty sure no other VP candidate has winked at the camera during the debate. Odd. Both her and her bangs.

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