Sunday, October 5, 2008

Date Night

It was a dark and stormy Date Night, and all through the house....
Oooo La La we look posh! That's another word for Fancy! ( Fancy Nancy, in anyone's house?)
You're not LEAVING, are you?
Blue Thunder is our truck, date night is our game.
Our suburban destination. French Fries and Meat, here we come!
Why did my wife ever have to start blogging? Why?
Some of us that don't have to drive, might have had a lyyyytle too much too drink. Flirtini's, anyone?


No children were harmed in the making of this blog. All three children were in the safe land of Grandma Mary, where they were fed cream and strawberries and watched TV to their little heart's delight.
Woman in a Window said...

Glad the kids were safe while you consumed MEAT and drinks. Sounds savage, doesn't it? What happens to parents?

Thanks for your kind words.

beth coyote said...

I love it-French fries and meat. Yum.

Anonymous said...

That is cute, Maggie. I'm glad you both got to get out for a little while.

Lola said...

Hey, I'm glad I finally tracked you down from Steenky Bee. Blogger wouldn't let me click on your pretty little profile in my comments without giving me a big fat NO CHANCE error message.

Looks like a fun night to me! Love your blog, your dog, your family and your tattoos. I'll be back soon.

steenky bee said...

Date night1 I am jealous! At least you went out. When hubby and I get date night it ends up the time we grocery shop and wash the cars. Getting romantic in the frozen foods is not my idea of a good time...anymore!

Maggie May said...

what happens to parents? "

i don't get that!

the meat and drinks was a joke. a sarcastic wink at how blase our evening was, how simplistic.

lola i'm glad you found me!! love love that name, as you know :))

jen hey, if it's in frozen foods or frozen tundra, i'll take it at this point!!

Talia Reed said...

We love Fancy Nancy.

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