Wednesday, October 22, 2008

House and the Hypochondriac

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Mr. Curry: ' Just because you have a dot on your big toe does not mean you have
ventracalatiationary thrombosis, Maggie. In fact, I'm sure you DONT.'
* after a pause he adds firmly, ' I love you. '

Me: ' Did you hear what House said? About the twitch in that kid's leg and- '

Mr. Curry: ' Do you want me to call Hugh Laurie and have him diagnose you? Cuz you
you know what he'd say? He'd say you are a nutter. Because you are. '
* after a pause he adds with a kiss, ' I love you. '

Me: ' What about this? Feel this, come on, just feel it? ' I am gesturing
toward my neck.

Mr. Curry: Sighs. Reaches over, feels. ' It feels exactly the same as it did
two years ago when you saw the doctor and he told you it was fine,
totally fine. '

Me: Not even meekly: ' Are you SURE? '

Mr. Curry: ' I'm sure. Can I unpause the show now? '

Me: ' K. '

Mr. Curry: After a brief interval. ' I think House would be perfect for you. You
think he's hot and he could diagnose all your problems. '

Me: ' I already KNOW all my problems. You diagnosed me. '

Mr. Curry: ' I did? '

Me: ' Yeah, I'm nutters. Can you be quiet so we can watch this seizure? '
Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have had to stop watching those kind of shows.....I am forever convinced either myself or one of my children have some horrible disease!

I think it is in our DNA to worry! :)

Patois42 said...

House would be so perfect for me, too. I adore Hugh Laurie. And he's a Brit, like my dearly beloved. I'm a hypochondriac, too. I mean, I'm nutters, too.

Hila said...

hehe, he's such a bastard, but a lovable one :)
Thanks for visiting my little blog and for your lovely comment.

Lola said...

Hehehe. Mr. Curry is such a wonderful guy. How do I know? Because I have one, too, and he talks me down from my nutterness all the time.

Oh, and I think House is hot, too. He reminds me of Mr. Rocky Horror, Tim Curry. I love that cross-dressing Brit more than you can ever know!

jen said...

That's so good!

And may I share a conversation I had with Hooper when I went to the Emergency room when I fell in the subway?
Me: I wish House was here.
HT: No you'd don't. He'd take one look at you and decide you were dying, and we'd never get out of here.
Me: Well, what if I am dying and no one notices?

Rachael said...

So you are already married to your own House then. How convenient. Sounds like yours it less grumpy and rough around the edges too. Which is a good thing, of course.

ashley said...

tee hee! house is awesome and so is that conversation- it is so wonderful to be loved through even hypocondria!
x ashley

Unknown said...

ha! Love this. I think Hugh Laurie is brilliant too. Love House, too. It's the one show my husband and I record to watch together. Good times.

Liz said...

: ) very funny, Maggie. I'm inclined to imagine the worst too's almost nearly worth it for the relief afterwards ; )

Oh and I think we will be in Magma 42 together...congrats and see you there ; )

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