Sunday, December 14, 2008

Julian, California

The cows low, the fog is thick and
we can only see 20 feet in front of
the car. It is 3pm and the air is
bitter and bright. The boys both
read and Lola stares out the

The roads are long and winding. Many car accidents.

Julian is covered in fog and rain and
a wind so fierce we are knocked off
balance when we get out of the car.

Everything is soaked and bone cold. The wind goes through the two layers I have over my legs like teeth through a peach.

We stop at the knife shop. The boys browse knives,
Lola walks with hand carved canes and I read the
autobiography of Kit Carson, leaned against the
glass. He and his men raid an Indian camp, kill
all the adults, and take the children captive. The
true details fill my mind with the wind and cold
and fog and I am transported back to a completely
wild and terrifying time where life was back breaking work and survival, as uncomfortable as
dry wind against twigs, as brutal as the bears attack
on the deer. I close the book with my stomach hurting, yet I am delighted to be moved.

Fires rage through Julian during the summer months. Some years are worse than others.

We wait for our table. Outside, as requested.

Hot apple cider, with whip cream, please.

Life is intense.
( two tents )
I'm intense.
( i'm a wigwam, i'm a teepee )

xo maggie may
michellewoo said...

Mmmm. Hot apple cider. Want.

Valerie Loveland said...

I like your coat.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

There is just something about fog and roads. I can't get enough of it.

I loved this entry. What a beautiful family. And I adore the pink hat.

Anonymous said...

My best friend's father lives in Julian. She sent me a Julian apple cookbook for my birthday. :)

Nice hat!

Andrea Eames said...

I love the photo of you in the woolly hat.

And thank you, good advice! I have been wondering as well if my excessive caffeine consumption is eroding my health. I know it can destroy Vitamin C. :( Do you drink it?

A xx

Maggie May said...

one cup a day! i drink espresso in the morning and then just tea, which has much less caffeine...mainly because i have anxiety and if i drink too much caffiene it gets really bad.
i'm glad to hear from you, writer:)

hannah-rose said...

oh lovely pics! makes me wish it was cold and rainy, even though at the moment the bright sun is quite nice through the window haha.

and everytime i read the name lola i sigh. what a beautiful name! i'm very jealous of her haha.

hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

To think of all that history rolled into a day with family. And how fitting is that bitter cold all inmeshes with the saftey of loved ones... Love this!

Patois42 said...

Love your closing. Cold as the outing sounds, it feels warmfully delightful.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I loved this. It sounds like a fun day, except for the piercing cold. I have a hard time with cold. Funny, since I live in Utah! lol

Maggie May said...

we really enjoyed the cold. my son Dakota said the wind and being all together makes him feel like we are on an adventure. he's 14 so it is rare for him to have sentimental candor, which was much appreciated by his mother :)

Jenny Grace said...

Love the photos, particularly the one of the cross on the side of the road.

ashley said...

like teeth through a peach~ that is perfect imagery!!
the cider looked divine...
x ashley

PalagiGirl said...

Wonderful! Love It! Gorgeous pics! Gorgeous Family! You made my day!

Collin Kelley said...

Love the photos.

Annie said...

Both an eerie and wonderful day! Exremes in weather, good or bad, definitely add to the excitement of a trip.

Q's Daydream said...

Hi! Great photos!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Tell Lola that my doll is not Mirabelle, though she sounds fabulous! She is a Shirley Temple doll, though Shirley was much cuter.


PS: I love the name Lola

Montgomery Maxton said...

love it.

Chopstick said...

mmmmm hot apple cider *droools*

Unknown said...

Were headed there on Saturday and I can't wait! Wish my coat was as cute as yours! I have an ugly, practical, technical coat.

Lovely pictures as always.

Lola said...

I have that coat or at least one very close to it. I love it! Looks like a great time even with the cold.

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