Friday, December 26, 2008

misletoe and merriment

Mr Curry and I, Kristi and Carl
See that star garland over the fireplace? Lola Mr Curry and I made that out of cardboard and
tin foil! Cool.
Auntie Kristi, Jacob Yohan, Grandpa Ed, Uncle Carl and Reef, Grandma Trenna
Oh Mr. Curry. And you wonder why the neighbors don't stop by for a friendly hello....

Brothers and Sister
Ian, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dakota, Bodie King of the Wild Frontier, and Grandma Mary
Grandma Mary gave Lola this already much loved baby doll, named Anna Mirabelle Chandelier
Lola and I made cupcakes like I had mentioned before. These ones got decorated by the littles
at our Xmas Eve gathering. Aren't they lovely!?
Anonymous said...

Those pics were lovely, Christmas is such a great family holiday. Those cupcakes looked fabulous too!! Bet everyone loved them!

Talia Reed said...

I love Lola's doll's name! Did she namer her herself? I used to have a doll named "Fern." I've never met anyone named Fern.

Those cupcakes look incredible!

Jason, as himself said...

Exactly what WAS Mr. Curry doing to that grill?

Collin Kelley said...

Lovely, one and all.

Lola said...

What great photos, girl! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Love the pups, by the way ;)

Jenny Grace said...

Great photos as always! It looks like you had a very merry Christmas indeed.

Maggie May said...

hi Annabelle:) those cupcakes were so delicious!

Talia she named the doll herself- the 'mirabelle' part is from a much loved book i gave her years ago by that name, and the 'chandelier' part is from Fancy Nancy! wasn't Fern in Charlotte's Web?

Jason i ask myself that same question.

thank you Collin!

Lola hi, you hibernating woman.

Maggie May said...

hi miss Grace :)

Chopstick said...

OH MY, IS THAT A MALAMUTE your son(?) is riding (or err, next to)? *squeals and buries face into the dog* i loooooooove dogs! :D Kozyndan are amazing, aren't they? Wishing you a wonderful new year~!

Maggie May said...

no he's not a Malamute! that we know of- he is a mutt, and we and a vet suspect he has Wolf, Husky and uh..i forget the other... Wolfgang (Wolfie) is an awesome dog. you shoulda seen him as a pup- he looked just like an Ewok. adorable.

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