Monday, December 29, 2008

Tougher Than The Rest- Mr. Curry, I Love You

'yeah the road is dark / and it's a thin thin line / but you know i'd walk it for you anytime '
This one's for you, honey

Well its saturday night youre all dressed up in blue
I been watching you awhile maybe you been watching me too
So somebody ran out left somebodys heart in a mess
Well if youre looking for love honey Im tougher than the rest

Some girls they want a handsome dan or some good-lookin joe
On their arms some girls like a sweet-talkin romeo
Well round here baby I learned you get what you can get
So if youre rough enough for love honey Im tougher than the rest

The road is dark and its a thin thin line
But I want you to know Ill walk it for you anytime
Maybe your other boyfriends couldnt pass the test
Well if youre rough and ready for love honey Im tougher than the rest

Well it aint no secret Ive been around a time or two
Well I dont know baby maybe youve been around too
Well theres another dance all you gotta do is say yes
And if youre rough and ready for love honey Im tougher than the rest
If youre rough enough for love baby Im tougher than the rest
Simplicity said...

So, I'm sitting on the bus on my way home from work and I clicked onto my blog to read my comments and there you were! You're little 2 1/2 men ditty made me laugh!

*click* *click*

There I was reading your profile and I'm so happy there weren't many people on the bus because I was crying!

*click* *click*

Now, I'm reading this post to your husband and I feel like I'm completely immersed in your story, feeling your pain and cheering you on for the phenomenal turnout in your life!

What a great way to stumble into your blog!

She rocks in the treetop all day long
Rockin' and boppin' and singin' a son

(I saw your tweet thingamadohickee!)

Oh...and...HI! *wave*

Captain Dumbass said...

It's amazing where his lyrics can take you.

Hila said...

This song always reminds me of Johnny Cash.
I love to hear stories like these, thank you so much for sharing.
Happy new year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. It reminded me of that quote, "love is seeing the imperfect person..." Cheers to you two!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. Here's to makin' it out alive and better than anyone ever imagined!

Linda said...

Nice to read about a love story. Love can be an amazing thing. Stop for dropping by my blog.

Lola said...

Awesome post! Being tough enough is truly what it takes to make it. After 25 years with my man, I know of what I speak.

Deidre said...

In high school for my creative writing class our text book was a Springsteen album and all our writing stemmed of his lyrics and how the music made us feel.

This post brought me back there...

It was beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful post, I can definitely relate when it comes to my marriage...
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love to meet new people with something interesting to say. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great song. Great post.

Amber said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm adding you to my sidebar, I can tell by reading one post that I'll love your blog. Also, I love that through everything, you can still show kindness to strangers (through your words, you'll never know how great that makes me feel) where other people going through your same experiences would be bitter.

Patois42 said...

You know you've got me at the mention of Springsteen. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

oh i understand you so much!
i can and i will cope with my fears!!
thank you, maggie for your blogs....

much hugs and kisses

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