Sunday, April 24, 2011

no parkin on the dance floor

lola's beeeelated 9th birthday party began with Queen and a totally crazy game of Twister on a beautiful, warm Friday evening in sunny San Diego California
the laughter was contagious ( and loud. VERY LOUD )

i'm not sure if you realize that Mr. Curry and i now have FOUR children. because we barely realize it. but here they are. my heart is so full it hurts on a daily basis.
here we are and below, my mom, Mary, with her four grandkids. she's a truly awesome Grandma. the kids love her deeply and spend a lot of time with her. they see her pretty much every week, to spend the night, or go to dinner, or hang at her house, whatever.

Mr. Curry lit the candles, pirate candles, matching the pirate pinata.
my girl and I

the house looked awesome. Mr. Curry cleaned and decorated almost all day. he rocks.
the girls all wrote on a balloon and then set the balloons into the air. Lola's wish:
tell Anne Frank Lola Moon said hello and she loves her 
Elizabeth said...

Wonderful party, wonderful day, wonderful family and beautiful, beautiful Lola!

Rebecca said...

I'm not too sure I can wrap my mind that you guys live in San Diego. I'm in total awe.

Brigindo said...

Happy birthday Lola! It looks like it was a truly awesome day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Lola's wish just brought tears to my eyes. You have such an amazing family, you amazing lady!

Elisabeth said...

I remember that game Twister from my childhood. What a great way to start a party.

Sounds like and looks like a joyous day, had by all.

* said...

The cake! The candles! And that picture of you & Lola (you look so much alike!!).

Happy bday, dear Lola. Thanks to you, I'm dusting off my Twister game (it's in my garage, collecting the dust of years!).


bron @ baby space said...

That is the sweetest wish. Happy birthday to Lola!

Caroline said...

I LOVED Lola's wish.

The party looks like it was SO much fun. The laughter was contagious just reading about it.

Loved this.
Happy Birthday Lola! Love, the Urdaneta Family

Bethany said...

Lola's wish surprised me and made my eyes leak.
You're both such ace parents.

Middle Child said...

Just wonderful - Your mum is so young - It would be my dream to first know that both my girls can have children and to have them in the same town as each other so i can be close to both - I love seeing photos of family all together having fun


Pirate candles, brilliant!

Annie said...

I'm late, because I was away. I just saw this. Happy, Happy Birthday, Lola!

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