Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome SPONSOR: Marla Sea (posters&postcards)

Please welcome Flux Capacitor's newest and talented sponsor: Marla Sea. Marla herself is adorable both in her picture and her communications, clearly a sweet, whimsical and gentle soul- all of which comes through in all her art work. The above postcards melt. my. heart.
I traded her ad for the below adorable poster for Ever and Lola's room and we loooove it!

These postcards are really cute. I love the message:

Marla lives in Russia but our poster got her shipshape in no time. Check out her shop!
Caroline said...

Oh I love her work!! Lovely.

Marion said...

Another awesome sponsor, Maggie. Her work is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.


"Be art. Get a tattoo."

Maggie May said...

i just love those postcards!

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