Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Bathtime

Kristin H said...

Just Lovely:)

erin said...

maggie, i have not been here often in the last couple years (distracted by my own living:) but i used to come often and i believe your voice is important. i remember once when you posted photos of your oldest daughter and there was a bit of backlash, albeit small in the face of the support. and so i imagine it will be here with these photographs. but what i mean to tell you is thank you. thank you for your continual bravery, your insistence that we do not curl up and in and over ourselves, but rather your voice shows us and tells us (in so many ways) that there is strength to be found in vulnerability and that we must, as women and as a society, not fear our bodies. this is what you tell me by being you. this is what we should all hear.

these are beautiful and insightful moments you share with us.

(previously woman in a window)

Bea, OT said...

So adorable!

Petit fleur said...

I adore your kiddos.

Those earrings of Lola's are so fun and look great in her tiny ear.

Great pix Maggie. Hope you are feeling better.
xoxo m

Maggie May said...

I just love this set of pictures, I think I'm going to get the one of Ever and Lola's profiles smiling at each other blown up a bit and hang it up :))

Lisa said...

I guess I'm one of the fuddie duddies. It concerns me to show the children naked. As mothers we see the absolute scrumptiousness of their sweet little bodies. However, there are some really crazy people in the world. These disturbed people will take such sacred images and use them for an ugly purpose. They are too young to make the choice of whether or not to show their bodies, art form or not I have found that my adult children are mortified when I show their bath pictures to husbands, etc. Just one woman's opinion though. As a RN, that has served in prisons, if people knew the level of evil that is present, it would be a difficult concept to grasp.

Maggie May said...

You aren't a fuddie duddy! You are obviously coming from a place of concern. All I can say is this is something I long ago decided my feelings on, and I'm a person who intimately knows the exact kind of evil that is in this world. I choose not to show certain kinds of nudity, and don't have any need for a dialogue about it. xo

Marion said...

I'm a fuddy duddy, too. There has been so much abuse of children in my own family (God help us all), that I cringe when I see a photo online of a nude child. It scares the hell out of me that some pervert will see it.

My sister was molested and I found out many years later that several other family members had been, too. I fear, I fear, I fear. xo

Maggie May said...

Marion as I said, it's in my family too. My children go the local pool. They frolic on the beach, half their tiny chest hanging out from waves. They are alone with teachers in classrooms. They are in many situations where 'perverts' can see them and get off on them.

I will not make decisions based on what someone else might be thinking in their mind.

I WILL make decisions that physically keep my children safe. Like informing them, setting boundries about childhood experiences, etc.

I refuse to fear, fear, fear.


Middle Child said...

such beautiful photos you take but such beautiful babies you have as well...these are the good times !

Anonymous said...

Aw, these remind me of my two girls back when they would take baths together. They are 12 and 5 now, so those days are over.

Maggie May said...

thank YOU for such an amazing comment. really, thank you.

Ida Mae said...

after a long break (life has been NUTS with the 2 kids)

But wanted to say LOVE these.
I love your strength.

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