Monday, February 27, 2012

life around this here parts

come give me a big slobbery kiss ya'll. 
{ side note: whyyy does it look like we have two mini cockaroaches behind our toilet? }

some good things

ever putting her hands together and spreading them out, saying, momma? when she wants me, or her new ritual ( done with a winkwink every time) of wrapping her arms around my neck when i go to change her or put her in the car seat.

lola telling me a secret she had harbored for a year. not an awful secret, but one that she had thought might be bad, and had been too afraid to tell me. i know you'll always love me no matter what, i know that mom, but you might not like me as much. oh my lola. haven't we all feared the same?  i hope i said all the right things and held her long enough to convince her otherwise. i hope i earned her trust for the future. i think i did. she is so incredibly good, so clean souled, in a way i never felt or knew. i admire her spirit the way you admire a soaring mountain peak, or a crystal clear river tumbling through the meadow. 

dakota going to a job fair, driving our car with us in it!, filling a notebook with lyrics for his band Law and writing a song, for me. 

ian running errands with me every saturday morning lately. i have started to really look forward to that time with him. he's at that magical age of 15 where his social life is almost- just there- starting to take over, but not. quite. yet- so we still have him as our boy for a little longer. he is such good company, you know how some people are just reliably good company? i can't say that about  myself, but ian, yes. 

mr. curry... sometimes our marriage is in such an intimate, sweet, closed door space, i can't write about it here. some smart asses in the audience may be wondering when the hell that happens... well it's NOW SMARTYMCFARTY.   oh but i forgot! ( let the snickering begin HA HA ) we are going to a therapy appointment this week, wish us luck that the therapist is awesome. i am a huge believer in a great therapist having the power to empower awesome change in your life, having had this happen before. we used to have philosophers around the fountain, now we have therapist. i'll take great guidance from books, film, therapists, or anywhere i can get it. 

flux capacitor is getting a huge facelift, and i believe if all goes well it should be up this week....!!!
so excited!!!

i have two essays coming out in our local San Diego Reader, consecutively, and i'm paid for them, which makes me extremely happy. to be paid to write = heaven Oh also, they link to flux capacitor, so hello to anyone making their way here from there!!!

happy monday, bloggers. xo

Kate Moore said...

Aw life, it can be swings and roundabouts, can't it? An upswing at the moment. Go with it, feel the wind in your face and remember on the downswing, it's the only way to get that bittersweet tingle in your tummy - the expectation of the ever-present upswing. Love, love.

Elizabeth said...

Oh such good news, Ms. Maggie May. All of it. Can't wait to see your articles and I loved, especially, your description of Ian as "good company." I know exactly what you mean --

Tania said...

It's not that I'm snickering all SMARTY MCFARTY-like but it isn't often I find 'coy' when I come a'visiting! Hang on a tick, while I catch up. Meanwhile, hallelujah to planetary alignment and payment for your strung-together-sentences. Someone else has seen the light.

Caroline said...

ALL good news, Maggie May. And good news you SO deserve.
Since my children are all still so young and 3 of the 4 of your crew are older, I always love reading about them. It flashes me forward and I hope I am as good at it as you are.

p.s. could the "cockroaches" on the floor be raisins? If so, my Oliver would totally eat them. Our bathroom is gnarly sometimes. ;)

anymommy said...

Wonderful, all the way around. I can't wait to read them.

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