Friday, February 10, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood: Parenthacks & He Said/She Said

take a seat and read!!

This year is probably the most exhausting and relentlessly demanding/busy that Mr. Curry and I have been so far in our marriage. Between the three older kiddos and the baby, our full time jobs, my writing career ( multiple news on that soon!! :) ) two dogs, family and friends that would actually like to, you know, hear our voice or be in our presence more than on Christmas and a house full of chores, we are literally not sitting down to just relax or take a moment until 8pm many nights. And that moment is like, A MOMENT AND THEN HURRY UP AND GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR WE HAVE TO MAKE LUNCHES AND THE BABY IS CRYING. Yeah. So when I read this awesome Parenthack, I felt, for a brief moment, both understood and excited to try it out.

Monica and Serge are both writers that grab you with their voice right away, and it's no different when they are in person in your face! on their new webshow, He Said/She Said where they talk about how they met and fell in love, had babies and then discovered their wildly different parenting styles. They recently lost their new house rental in a fire during which they were home with their two littles. Thank God they are all OK, and bouncing back fierce style with this entertaining show- my kind of reality TV. Love these guys!
Asha Dornfest {Parent Hacks} said...

So glad you liked that hack! I just found it again as I was sifting through the archives and came across it...perhaps because our family, too, has had a few challenging years since then, it moved me in a way it didn't when it first came in.

Becca said...

If i hear from news this kind of incident, i feel sad and thankful.
Sad for the family that this happens to them and thankful that there is a God that guardeth my family.

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