Monday, February 6, 2012

Fundraiser for My Friend Carrie Brown

This is my friend Carrie and her awesome kiddo, Gabriel. I've known Carrie for ten years, known her to be strong, loyal, witty, caring,  a devoted ( single mom ) to her son, her family and her friends. She teaches kids with developmental delays and other issues and she loves a good comic, off color joke or compliment ;) She's incredibly warm- when you meet her, you can feel her genuine interest and caring just emanating from her. She's a good goddamn human being, and she's dealing with a rat bastard: ovarian cancer, Stage 4. She's had two surgeries in the swift time since her shocking diagnosis, and is now at home on a feeding tube and receiving chemo.

Right now, Carrie needs some serious help. She can't work due to the serious nature of her surgeries ( on her entire abdomen ) and she is a single mom with rapidly piling medical bills ( with insurance ) -- she doesn't even have internet, people. INTERNET. Now anyone reading this knows that no one stuck at home going through some seriously life altering and scary stuff should have to be isolated from the most hands on, 24-7 available means of support they can get: Internets.

We can offer whatever we have- 5$ or 150$- and literally change Carrie's experience of this time. How often can such a simple gesture make such enormous change? 

I hope that if you can give something, anything, you will.

Here's the link for the Facebook Fundraiser:

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