Monday, April 30, 2012

the railway children

Over the weekend we went to the Poway Train Exhibit. Our new home has the best location of any place we've ever lived- we are smack dab in the middle of suburbia, with all its benefits, but it's a very countrified suburbia, so it's slogan 'the country in the city'. Our neighbors have horses, and driving the kids to school it is a regular, non noteworthy thing to wait on horse back riders crossing the street...and leaving behind ENORMOUS piles of shit. Wow. Anyhow, the street we live on also happens to be the street which small, charming little shops are lined up on- a coffee shop, liquor store ( we go there for donuts for dessert once a week ), bridal store, zumba, etc. Just two blocks down from our home, on the same street, is the beautiful park where this exhibit took place. It has it's own running train, that runs in a loop every Saturday and Sunday.
Here is the train station where you buy tickets. We took the girls on the train a few weekends ago and Ever was beside herself. I don't think I've mentioned here that the girl is OBSESSED with two things. One: trash trucks. Two: trains. So Ever lucked out big time living here. Every day either Mr. Curry, myself, or both of us walk Ever through the park in her stroller, and she says 'choo choo' a bagillion times.

Isn't our fountain gorgeous? I use it to meditate- I stop on walks and say a prayer.meditation for every level of water that is falling.

It was about 80 degrees and gorgeous.

Inside there was a miniature model train exhibit. Ever was in love. Personally too I'm upset by the appearance of the dreaded double chin in this photo to notice much else.

Ever goes up the stairs. And down. And up. And down. She is also saying 'mine' and 'no' and 'crying' all day. She says 'crying' to notate when she or anyone else IS crying, and it's the saddest little inflection you can imagine. ' CrYIng?' She also threw her first real tantrum over the weekend. 17 months. It's on.

I can't imagine sisters more in love with each other. I can't imagine how I got this lucky.

About five thirty pm and everyone was tired. Long day and still a walk home and then driving Ian to is other home. Ian looks like he's thinking about something here. Something he's considering. Hmmm.

Ever and Mr. Curry are in that sweet spot of bonding. When he picks her up from my preschool she says 'truck? vroom vroom. truck? da-da. bye!' She's ready to head out with her Daddy. Hope you all had a good weekend!

lulumarie said...

Your town ~ what an idyllic setting! Love your meditation on the fountain.

Gorgeous happy shiny photos ~ you mention a double chin, but how about the photo right before that one? You look about 13 ~ more a big sister than a mom!

Cammila said...

Children and trains! It's such a strong, inexplicable connection.

Adorable pics. :)

Caroline said...

What a great spot!! I'd be right over at that fountain too--it looks amazing.

As always--the whole family looks great. I'd say you have a very special, cool, fun crew full of so much life. Your pictures always convey that special something.

xo to you, Maggie May. Love to you all.

Elizabeth said...

We got our dog from Poway!

Those are adorable pics, and I loved your commentary as well.

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