Friday, August 17, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

Take a seat and read!

Hi I'm still here :) Between the amount of writing I'm doing, some creative, some assigned, and the kids and school looming my feelings of sadness and blankness when faced with the blog post screen, I am off radar. I hope all of you are well and finding some relief from the heat if you are in the summer areas...we have had searing heat- for San Diego- with high nineties and humidity. Day after day for a few weeks now, so that everyone is feeling the effects. Meanwhile, I've found some things you have to look at. Sometimes the internet just explodes for me with good images and words, and now is one of those times. So here!

First of all must do a #humblebrag and say that because of my lucky friendship with the wonderful Caroline of the blog Salsa Pie I was able to do an interview with her on Childhood Creativity. It was really satisfying to think on her questions, and I had fun, too. Thanks Caro :)

On NPR I found these tiny world images that reminded me of The Borrowers, a book series I loved as a kid.

In the light of Jessie Jackson Jr.'s fresh diagnosis of Bipolar 11, Time magazine wrote this interesting article on the diagnosis and its treatment and how much is still unknown and guessed at.

i09 writes about the new study showing that antibacterial hand soap causes serious loss of muscle strength. I have never bought antibacterial hand soap for my family because my mother always taught me that most things that we humans muddle in like this end up harmful. Hot water and regular soap.

Have you been following the story of the punk band Pussy Riot? Three young girls arrested in Russia for playing a concert, now convicted of 'hooliganism' and two years in labor camp. Where is Bill Clinton? He needs to pay a visit to Putin.

After reading this interview with Gabor Mate in The Sun magazine, I put two of his books on my wishlist in Amazon. I have never heard anyone express so closely my own views on childhood trauma and the lifelong effects, or the deeper reasons why attachment parenting matters so much.

Paul Corby was denied a heart transplant- for a condition he was born with- because he is autistic. 

I read everything I can get my eyeballs on about parenting a child with anxiety.

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