Saturday, August 25, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

Take a seat and read!
The director of Blue Valentine ( Mr. Curry and I LOVE that movie ) tweets the story of the unruly passenger next to him on an airplane. It becomes so much more than you think. I love this.

Out Post For Hope:  "Outpost for Hope is doing groundbreaking work in using the Internet to bring together law enforcement, social services and families to help people who are perhaps the most vulnerable in our society: "missing persons,: including children, who are "off the grid" and often impaired by substance abuse or mental illness"

" Play is one of the most cognitively stimulating things a child can do " An article that supports all of us parents ( me ) who are spending our children's baby and childhoods supporting their natural brain and emotional development through love and play, not lesson driven success driven achievement. I'm not against lessons! ( my kids take em ) but I'm FOR lots of free time and play. LOTS.

I wrote about this with Dakota a few years ago, and feel strongly we need to encourage youth to work hard in a way that makes sense for them: "We know that people don’t spend large amounts of time engaging in tasks they do not do well. Yet, homework-trapped children are made to struggle for hours on end to get everything done. These children would be far better off if they were asked to work for a fixed amount of time (perhaps 10 minutes per night per grade) than to fall into an abyss of working all night to get every worksheet"

The importance of social media and blogging: a great post about how networking online is the new getting ahead in business- the most important part of growing a blog

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