Sunday, January 20, 2013

My FIrst Vlog: Hypocritical Tips For Flu Fighting

I made my first Vlog out of a giddy sense of inanity that being sick with the flu day after day- and your kids being sick with the flu, day after day- brings. So here you see a few important things:

1. I'm weird.
2. I like to be goofy.
3. I have great tips! :)
4. My room is a mess.
5. I need to work on the lighting.
6. What is up with the Japanese movie epic sound delay? Working on it.
7. The sound of all those candies endlessly rolling and bouncing makes me laugh. Off set difficulties. 

I'd appreciate it in the spirit of solidarity if, during the time when I stare at the camera and say 'uhhhhhh' that you silently muse on the oneness of all beings and the path of enlightenment. 

What you make of all this? I don't know. But I hope you like it! Without further ado:

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