Saturday, January 19, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood: Edition for Our Children

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I realize that this article is surely upsetting some who read it. I also deeply, passionately believe that what research is showing about the more detached style of modern parenting is absolutely true. I do not believe 'attached' parents all look and do the exact same...but I do believe there are similar things they do and don't do. I believe that deep emotional connections forged in trust ( i meet your emotional needs ) and time ( i spend a lot of time with you) and connection ( I am close to you physically and emotionally ) are crucial for emotionally and physically healthy children. "Breast-feeding infants, responsiveness to crying, almost constant touch and having multiple adult caregivers are some of the nurturing ancestral parenting practices that are shown to positively impact the developing brain, which not only shapes personality, but also helps physical health and moral development," says Narvaez.

I've been working with Lola over the last month on her problem with attitude when she is anxious, which during this rougher than usual school year has been often. In addition to her anxiety, she is also 10 years old- almost 11- and exhibiting classic 'tween' behaviors. I loved this article on Top Ten Tips for Tween Discipline and found it useful.

On that note, another great resource for understanding anxiety in kids. A lot of you have mentioned that you are hungry for information on this subject so I'm always sure to pass it on!

A collection of biographies including FB links for all the Newtown shooting victims. I think of them almost daily.

I know this post was derided when it came out on HuffPo because the title was changed and considered by many to be inflammatory and insensitive. Here is the article, with it's original title, and I think it's extremely important to read and think about.

This amazing video is a father at a conference recounting how he helped his son defeat neuroblastoma, a horrible cancer in children that I wish I never had to hear of and have heard of all too many times. It is the cancer that little beautiful Kate McRae has miraculously survived so far, the little girl whose beautiful shining face has resided on the left margin of my blog for so many years. 

This list is so great- very practical, useful and thoughtful tips on how to prevent child abuse.

Lora's kid? Is as awesome as she is.

Lacy's charming Vlog on how to nurse comforably in public without boobage or nip slips!

Every time I get on the computer Ever begs ' See baby in bath please!? ' And this is what she's asking for.

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