Wednesday, January 2, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Allison Carmen writes often about the power of 'maybe'. In this recounting of a woman facing the possible death of her mother, she illuminates how powerful remembering 'maybe' is.

I loved reading this account of the 'island where people forgot to die'- I could read a book on this. I hope someone is writing one, with lots of photos!

Emily Rapp writes about why you should stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. True wisdom here. Saving this one.

On curing RSI/back pain with your mind. I read stories like this all the time and used these ideas in my own recovery from chronic pain.

I think everyone should read this: Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies It's not only about the health risks of the amount of sugar Americans consume, but how big companies lie and control the information we receive.

An app for recording one minute of every day of your life.

POETRY. You need it. Rich Ferguson's new collection 8th & Agony is here for you.

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