Saturday, January 26, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

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CJane made me so happy with this post. This kind of involvement in the lives of other children- not our own- is essential to our progression on this planet. If we want things to get better, we have to step outside our comfort zone and be willing to help those who can't ask- much less demand- for help from us. We have to be willing to feel things that are hard to feel and face things that are hard to face. If they have to live it, how can we turn away from hearing about it?

The first comment after this post is the funniest comment I've ever read.

The information in this short article is so important for every person to take in, so that we can have an idea of what the reality of homelessness is, and not simply our grab bag of perceptions. Why people end up where they do is often more complicated and more simple than we like to believe, meaning that while the way each individual person's life leads them to be able to handle certain challenges are unique, the things that bring them there are similar and often beyond their control.

How To Enjoy Bacon Without A Gallbladder is very specifically titled, but there is a wealth of information about how the human body works and interacts with food in this one article. This is one of the most helpful and informative pieces in this vein I've read in a long time and personally helpful for me. I plan to read it a few more times and see if there is anything I need to be doing differently for myself and my family. 

My friend Adrienne made this incredible tee pee for her daughter. Just gorgeous.

An informative piece on why this nutritional expert won't give his daughters the HPV vaccine. I myself will not allow my children to have it. I have had pre-cervical cancer and went through a cryo-surgery to remove the pre-cancer, so I am coming from a place of understanding personally that cervical cancer is a risk in modern life for young women. I was 19 when I had the pre-cancer. 

One of my favorite blogs to visit for years now. She does a series called ' Just Fill-in-blank-of-famous-person ' where the famous person is doing something unexpected and awesome, like below, where Picasso is just dressed up like biggie.

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