Monday, January 6, 2014

goofy goober

goofy with Everkins

being goofy is a daily occurrence for me. if i were measuring, i'd say i'm easily one half goofy. my entire perspective on life, even in the serious, sobering aspects, is colored by ridiculousness. i like to talk goofily, dance goofily, sing goofily, play with my kids goofily, snuggle goofily, eat goofily, and my penchant for walking goofily once got me a broke ass foot. ouch.

the above picture is me at the end of my workout, dancing with Ever. i wanted to submit a picture of me in some of my new leggings to Women Poets In Sweat Pants but they closed submissions, so here I am instead on Flux, in my skull leggings. They are amazingly comfortable and put me in a good mood.

i am so, so sad. and i am so, so goofy.

what else can you do?*

*rhetorical question. there are many other things you can do. noted.

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