Friday, January 3, 2014

oh boy it's a party

a list of wasps: she has enormous potential
he said with a straight face
painfully straight, if you ask me.
i would rather suck a dick!
than eat a pussy
" hahaha " no one laughs but you.
the big breasted woman has no other words
so i remember her mammarily.
she stares hard and hungry at her person
willing him to convince her life is worth living.
he is a depressed jumble of vices and pain,
the top of his lip trembles tenderly as he drinks.
i watch and listen and everyone thinks 
i am a bitch.
unfriendly women get reputations too.
i can't help it that life had me by the balls
early on, forcing my eyes two feet out my head.
i've always seen clearly the bullshit and not
that i've been able to avoid it-
god i still miss smoking like a fatherfucker.
cringe, Freud. i sit on your face.
the women eye me warily.
the men either want to fuck you or impress you
boring, boring, boring.
the real person unveiled,  as rare as a good poem.
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