Saturday, January 25, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read! ( Shakespeare and Co. bookstore)
Avital Nathman edited the book The Good Mother Myth and Femamom did a small interview and write up with her about the book, which is exploding ( find excerpts at Time )

I've been reading Petunia Face for years and years. Susannah's mom died and she wrote this blog post which slayed me. So beautiful and so sad.

The best Reddit AMA EVER: Bill Murray

How I Stopped Procrastinating in NYT

I must read this fascinating collection of essays by Eva Saulitis 'Resurrection: Chronicles of a Whale Scientist'

Engrossing essay on Full Grown People: Picking Up

My friend Angie Muresan wrote this moody, evocative essay Comrade Pauker

On a blog based entirely off of essays debating who is better, Jen Aniston or James Franco, this author makes a case for Franco: the wetter, the better

So beautiful. Magic is real.

And I just read this and had to add it. One of the best things on this subject- of mortality, specifically here in a young doctor- that I have read in a long time. Ending with a powerful nod to the impact of literature.

"I remember the moment when my overwhelming uneasiness yielded. Seven words from Samuel Beckett, a writer I’ve not even read that well, learned long ago as an undergraduate, began to repeat in my head, and the seemingly impassable sea of uncertainty parted: “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” I took a step forward, repeating the phrase over and over: “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” And then, at some point, I was through."

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